Short Term Consultant for Denmark, Finland or Sweden at The World Bank

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The development of a vibrant private sector is central to promoting growth. It is well recognized that encouraging firms to invest, improve productivity and create jobs requires the right legal and regulatory environment—including protection of property rights, access to credit, and efficient judicial, taxation and customs systems. But less is known about detailed legal and regulatory reforms and specific institutions needed to create a favorable environment for doing business.

The Doing Business indicators provide objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement comparable across countries. They indicate the regulatory costs of business and can be used to analyze specific regulations that enhance or constrain investment, productivity and growth. Subnational Doing Business reports focus on regional and local differences of business regulation. The goal is to raise awareness on the need to improve business regulation at the subnational level and promote dialogue between the government and the private sector. Subnational Doing Business reports can be found at:

The fifth report of the subnational Doing Business in the EU Member States series will benchmark business regulations in 20 cities from Denmark, Finland and Sweden. The project is managed by the Subnational Doing Business Unit of the Development Economics Group and it will be carried out in collaboration with governmental counterparts. Topics covered in the Doing Business in the EU Member States series include: starting a business, dealing with construction permits, registering property, getting electricity, and enforcing contracts.

Key Tasks

The consultant will lead the research and analysis of local policy and regulatory issues in Denmark, Finland or Sweden for one or more of the Doing Business indicators measured in the report in support of the Doing Business in the EU Member States project team.

Duties will include, but will not be limited to, the following:

  • Responsible for building and analyzing one or more indicators in the benchmarked cities: conduct quality checks of data collected, follow-up with local experts on information provided, and if needed perform coding activities on data gathered;
  • Research and analyze selected policy and regulatory issues relevant to the indicator/s in the EU member state;
  • Maintain effective links with relevant public institutions as well as private sector professionals who contribute data and analysis to the project to ensure their support and collect information;
  • Participate in project meetings (virtual or face to face) and conduct policy dialogue, including consultations with national and local public policy makers;
  • Prepare detailed explanation/ memos analyzing collected data and outlining the priorities for reform in the indicator areas measured;
  • Provide general support to the project and perform any other activity as required by the Subnational Doing Business team, including translation of correspondence or survey instruments.

Required qualifications

  • Advanced degree in Law, Engineering, Economics, Business Administration or related discipline.
  • Knowledge of the regulatory environment in the country is an advantage.
  • Relevant experience working in regulatory matters or investment climate issues in the country is an advantage.
  • Ability to work independently and under strict deadlines.
  • Strong analytical skills: demonstrated research, data collection and analysis.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills in English and at least one of the local languages (Danish, Finnish or Swedish).
  • Good communicator, willing to meet or call people to gather and verify information.
  • Previous experience working with survey data and knowledge of the Doing Business methodology is an advantage.
  • Systematic, organized, and detail-oriented.
  • Interested in private sector development issues.

Reporting and management

The consultant is expected to be employed for approximately 70 working days between September 2021 and June 2022. The work will commence with training on the Doing Business methodology, which will be followed by data collection and project missions. The consultant will report directly to Trimor Mici (, Tommaso Rooms ( or Ana Santillana (, Project Task Team Leaders.

Apply by sending CV and letter of interest to Tommaso Rooms at