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ESCE is recognized for providing a quality curriculum with international dimension by means of professional approach. ESCE's mission is to train students in the international development of businesses and all economic players in a globalized world, with respect for ethics, diversity and cultures, and build expertise in the import/export business. This mission is carried out through a research-led program emphasizing managerial knowledge and practical skills.

With its EPAS accreditation, ESCE is a business school that offers high educational quality with management programs that include international perspectives. ESCE is known for being an international hub by which the students gain all the benefits of the school's partnerships with 180 renowned universities. This means that over 800 students per year leave for academic exchanges in second, fourth and fifth years; 650 foreign students studying on the ESCE campus and students with the intensive use of two or three foreign languages.

With a strong commitment to constantly lead students towards success, the students at ESCE offers a cumulative energy full of promise. Furthermore, the school focuses on bridging their professional development of their students with a personal one. This by actively promoting fairness, diversity and equality. Openness to others and "shared meaning" has become highly valued at ESCE. Besides this ESCE has a strong focus on designing original courses and a customizable curriculum. This makes ESCE graduates interesting to companies all over the world - offering graduates that are educated with strong managerial knowledge, practical skills, integrity and used to think dynamic and innovative sustainable for the needs of today's labour market characterized by constant development and demands of adaptability. And with the school's acknowledgment of different cultures, makes the graduates of ESCE valuable for companies all over the world.

With ESCE's membership of INSEEC U., the leading French Group in private higher education, ESCE has marked itself as a highly recognized research institution. With 46 years of experience in the world of private higher education, ESCE is renowned amongst management schools for its international programs and the quality of its curriculum.

According to the university, 8.100 former students are working in 75 countries throughout the world covering a wide range of business areas: marketing and communications, international trade, international finance, audit and consulting, human resources, supply chain, entrepreneurship, etc.  

A brief history of ESCE

On the initiative of the French Foreign Trade Center, now known as UBI France, ESCE was founded in September 1968 by four professors. ESCE was the first business school to specialize in International Business Management. They state themselves as having a 46-year history with 46 years of expertise in international business, which is reflected in ESCE being the first business school to specialize in International Business Management. From its beginning, ESCE has displayed its point of difference: a unique international recipe for our students to savor, combining techniques of international trade and advanced foreign languages, academic mobility abroad, an international faculty, and an all-pervasive multiculturalism. From ESCE being authorized to issue a state-accredited Master’s degree in 2009 and joining the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, a leading network of elite French schools in 2012, ESCE has shown its potential in educating excellent students. 

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