Back in May, we started to talk about the concept of real-time communication in recruitment, called: Graduateland LIVE!

Our inspiration came from many talks with recruiters, after which we asked ourselves:

Wouldn’t it be great if campus events followed your recruitment schedule?

Wouldn’t graduate recruitment be much more straightforward if you only talked to relevant candidates?

But most importantly:

Why do recruiters and applicants still have to spend time and money on physically meeting each other in times when everyone else communicates via online chat tools?

Since then, we have set out to answer those question and the result is:

Graduateland LIVE will launch in August!

Graduateland LIVE

As if that alone wasn’t exciting enough, we have already 20 companies who want to be first-movers on this and will start chatting with candidates once August rolls around.   

Graduateland LIVE will help recruiters:

  • Optimise the timing of your graduate recruitment
  • Interact directly with the student profiles that are most interesting to your company   
  • Engage potential applicants throughout the whole recruitment process
  • Digitalise your employer branding for the next generation

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