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We’re EA—the world’s largest video game publisher. You’re probably familiar with many of our titles—Madden, FIFA, The Sims, Need for Speed, Dead Space, Battlefield and Star Wars, to name a few. But maybe you don’t know how we’re committed to creating games for every platform—from social to mobile to console—to give our consumers that anytime, anywhere access they demand. What does that mean for you? It means more opportunities to unleash your creative genius, be inspired by those around you and ignite your path in any direction you choose.

Our creative work environment rewards new and different ideas. It’s an environment that attracts brilliant talent from around the globe. No matter which of our studio locations you join, you’ll feel the energy and support of EA’s global brand, while thriving on our world-class campuses. At EA, the excitement you feel throughout each workday is made possible by a culture that inspires you to do the best work of your career.

Visit us at: http://careers.ea.com/

Working at Electronic Arts (EA)

Why work at EA?


To perform your best at work, you need to know that what is important to you is being taken care of -- like your health, your family, your finances and your future. Whether you are at the beginning of your career, mid-career or looking forward to retirement, EA provides benefits that support your needs and can help you balance your career and personal life! 

Access to great health care coverage, pension plan, gym membership, travel allowance, free video games and not to mention free ICECREAM are just some of the ways we take care of our employees!


What is culture to EA? It's everything really. Culture embodies shared beliefs, attitudes, values and goals. For EA, this speaks volumes. We are a community, in the broadest sense, which believes in quality, diversity and innovation. We seek to learn and to grow individually, but also together.

Our culture spans the globe from North America to Europe and Asia, spanning from Battlefield to Sims to Plants vs. Zombies. There is a sense at EA, a shared belief that we are all one, striving for something larger than can be described. We celebrate our differences and encourage growth and livelihood. Yes, to EA culture is everything. We encourage you to explore EA’s culture and learn more about who we are and what we believe.


EA is dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion within our workplace and in our communities.

Our mission is comprised of three main goals:

  1. To promote workforce inclusion initiatives
  2. To integrate inclusive perspectives into business objectives
  3. To create both a welcoming workplace for our diverse global workforce as well as an inclusive gaming experience for our fans through programs, events, and community partnerships

We are passionate about increasing awareness through education and advancing acceptance through leading by example. We celebrate our diverse cultures and have developed an environment where everyone can succeed by being true to the belief that you should start you and stay you in both life and work.