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Can you handle 15 screens at a time?


Danske Commodities is looking for the next generation of energy trading professionals with fierce analytical mindsets and strong coding skills in the making. If you are up for the challenge of a lifetime (and think you can handle 15 screens at a time!), enter our Trading Graduate Programme and discover how far your talent can take you on one of Europe's leading energy trading floors.

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When you become part of DC’s Trading Graduate Programme, you become part of Denmark's 9th largest company measured on revenue. You will work closely with some of the strongest trading profiles in the energy industry and gain an in-depth understanding of energy markets and several trading disciplines.

DC is known for its agile decision-making processes, development of strong automation tools and unparalled speed-to-market. We empower our employees to take ownership of their projects and you will get real responsibility from day one.

We will take good care of you throughout your rotations and support your development with a rotation leader, mentor and coach. We will provide you with the necessary training so you can excel as a trading graduate. And the learning opportunities are vast as our focus is to ensure that our graduates get a deep and profound understanding of trading in the energy sector.



  • Trading
  • Optimising assets and positions
  • Trading strategy implementation
  • Market analysis
  • Model development
  • Algorithmic development
  • Identifying and analysing new business and trading opportunities
  • Developing and maintaining trading tools



Over the course of 18 months, you will learn to master volatile energy markets through rotations in our Power Trading, Gas Trading and Automated Trading teams, working alongside some of the best traders and analysts in the world. Oh, and with more than 100 social events a year, it’s safe to say that we like to have fun too.

The programme will kick off in September 2021 and run for 18 months. We accept applications from 19 November 2020 to 28 February 2021.