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Our VELUX Values are presented as five core statements.

But they are much more than just words on a poster. Our Values express who we are, and they are best experienced when they are lived in everyday life.

VELUX employer branding - Working in the VELUX Group

Living our Values

We see our Values as a code for behaviour and an expression of how we act. This may be when we challenge existing practices to meet the demands of the rapidly changing business environment or when challenge ourselves to perform at even higher levels to stay ahead. The VELUX values form the basis of our work. They set direction and provide energy to go the extra mile, and they are particularly useful to as a guide when facing challenges. Our values are deeply rooted in our organisation and radiate from within. They cannot be invented - they either exist and are recognised by all employees or they are meaningless.

What's it like to work for the VELUX Group?

In more than one sense. Our products create healthy indoor environments. And our workplace gives people the chance to grow.

The VELUX Group was founded by people who dared to ask, ‘What if…’ That curiosity and dedication still defines us. Ideas and people are given the chance to grow. Everyone – from factory floor to front-end sales – can come up with an idea for a new product or process and take it further. That’s how great solutions – and great talent – develop.

We’re an international company with a global commitment. Whether you’re working with production in France or sales in Russia, you’re part of an international team that works together to set new standards. For high-quality products. For a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. And for sustainable solutions for the future.

Like any other company, our business depends on the people who work for us. Employees who are dedicated to what they do; who come up with new ideas and have the skills to make them happen. But dedication, innovation and craftsmanship need the right conditions to unfold. And that’s what we want to provide.