Full Stack Software Engineer - Maps and Services Infrastructure bij Apple


Posted: 28 Jun 2022
Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200375370
Apple Maps is front and center on hundreds of millions of devices, and the Maps Developer Platform team designs and builds the systems that power them all. We’re looking for exceptional engineers that live at the intersection of development, operations, data, and systems engineering to build solutions for large-scale continuous data transformation and delivery.

Key Qualifications

Key Qualifications
  • Proficiency in Ruby, Python or Go preferred.
  • Experience with designing, building and maintaining large-scale applications and systems.
  • Ability to develop innovative new applications, in addition to debugging and refactoring existing code.
  • Experience building web applications (e.g. Ruby on Rails or Django) using SQL databases (e.g. PostgreSQL) with a special attention for UI/UX, scalability (e.g. Resque), maintainability and testing (e.g. RSpec).
  • Good understanding of Git and it’s use in a CI/CD environment.
  • Experience writing clear, well defined APIs.
  • Knowledge of performance and reliability monitoring strategies.
  • Excellent communication and the ability to articulate design strategies across a variety of audiences.
  • Willingness to collaborate with peers both internal, across Maps and around the world.
  • Experience with building cloud native applications and deploying them to Kubernetes.


We build the tools and infrastructure that delivers Apple Maps to users. Success means performance, reliability, visibility, repeatability, and customer satisfaction. Our applications interact with and control complex distributed systems and very large data sets while providing interfaces, processes, and workflows that abstract complexity away for our users. Since we provide core infrastructure solutions for the whole organization, you will have the opportunity to interact with nearly every other Maps Team here at Apple. Our customers are Apple Maps users, but also internal developers, operations teams, and feature owners.

Education & Experience

Education & Experience
BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent industry experience.

Additional Requirements

Additional Requirements

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