Wireless brakes for ski & rollerski bij RollerSafe AS

RollerSafe has developed and patented the most advanced wireless brake technology for sports and mobility equipment in the market. First product series of rollerskis with integrated disc brakes has been sold to customers in 20 markets world wide.

RollerSafe launched in 2020 a new product series of Smart Brake, targeting speciality bikes, handbikes, wheelchairs, and more. The products are produced and distributed from the HQ in Son, Norway.

The company consists of a small team of product designers, engineers, software developers and sales/marketing staff. The team has won several awards for their innovative product design. Together with industrial companies, the team develops new applications of the wireless technology.

The project will address the need for functional brakes on skis (winter) and rollerskis (summer). The project target:

  • Skis: Develop a wireless add-on brake for XC skis, to be used by disabled and other users.
  • Rollerskis: Develop a wireless add-on brake for rollerskis, to be applied across various rollerski models.
  • For both applications, the products will build on the technology platform already developed

The project will include design, modelling, engineering and prototype development (3D-printing, etc) and testing. The project team will work closely with the RS team, to ensure transfer of know-how, advice and project management.

The ambition is to launch the products for the 2021-season.

For the right candidates, we will be interested in a continued cooperation, through internship or part/full-time job.

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