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Developing a remote experimental platform: opportunities for online research bij Copenhagen Business School

The ’Students involvled in research’ initiative.


Laboratory experiments are a fundamental aspect of research - yet, they come with a plethora of challenges that make them less accessible. Among others, universities often lack the infrastructure to recruit large numbers of participants and country-specific limitations such as population size or language can make it more difficult to create a valid sample. Moreover, in-person experiments are constrained by the space and staff available in a laboratory at the time of the study sessions.


On the other hand, new technology has emerged to make it possible to reduce the need for physical material and resources and conduct experiments that are less space-dependent. For example, simple cognitive and affective analyses such as eye gaze direction or facial expression are readily available through open-source programs. In this project, we want to explore the possibilities for remote experiments by developing a prototypical experimental platform.


The platform should be a collaborative platform where we can connect multiple users through video or text-based chat. Additional features may include collaborative documents, screen sharing, and media sharing (emojis, images, videos, links, etc.). All interactions taking place on the platform should be recorded and easily accessible y one or multiple researchers.


Additional functionality may include eye gaze tracking and facial expression analysis, for example using the following open-source Javascript programs: WebGazer (, FaceDetection (, Face-api (


This is a design science project, where you will need to conduct research to guide their design and iteratively develop the platform as they conduct testing and evaluation. Myself and my research group may support the students by responding to interview questions, providing technical requirements, and assisting with testing the platform.

The student(s) should be able to code a web application using Javascript and other relevant languages. They may build on existing, customizable open-source platforms such as big blue button, web RTC or jitsi. 

The resulting prototype (if successful) may be submitted to HCII2023 Student Design Competition or another relevant conference. Travel to said conference may be accommodated and funded, provided that the students express interest and that the outcomes are suitable for publication. Supervision for this project will take place online.


Please note that a student assistant position may become available in relation to this thesis project.

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