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Write your CBS master thesis project in Disruptive Technology Management at CBS bij Copenhagen Business School

Disruptive Technologies are constantly changing the rules of the game in businesses and societies. At the same time, there is a dearth of attempts to identify the Disruptive Technologies in advance and assess the impacts on various industries, sectors and societies. How companies anticipate, create and adapt to Disruptive Technologies are also very relevant questions.

Examples of Disruptive Technologies may include; private aerospace, anti-aging medications, nanotechnology, quantum computing, bladeless turbines, to name just a few.

Possible approaches to the analysis may include futures research, megatrend and megacurve analysis or specialized approaches like the Siemens Pictures of the Future model.

This topic is open for all CBS students in search of a project idea and a master thesis supervisor. Students are free to choose and develop the topic and the project according to their own preferences. Ideas are very welcome. Students can expect supervision, that may be online or on campus as needed.

For further information, please contact: Associate Professor Henrik Johannsen Duus, e-mail:

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