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CAPACITOR: the Capacities of Municipalities in green transitions bij Copenhagen Business School

Municipalities have been trusted to reduce CO2 emissions and are taking the lead in the governance of green transitions. However, the governance of green transitions is complex (coordinating many stakeholders, creating market and institutional contexts for investments, adapting standards and safety regulations, etc.). Hence, municipalities need organizational capacities in this scenario. The research project “CAPACITOR” involves researchers from different CBS Departments and it started in 2021.


The project asks, how are public actors developing and using their organizational capacities in the complex governance processes of green transitions? And, What specific combinations of public actors’ capacities are required for achieving green transitions? The projects aims at advancing academic research in the field and at providing actionable tools to improve capacities of public organizations in green transitions.


Specifically, we envisage supervising and integrating in our CAPACITOR team a total of 3 or 4 Master thesis focusing on Danish Municipalities that are leading innovative green transitions projects. The aim of the Master thesis is to qualitatively investigate the organizational capacities of the municipalities: the resources and the dynamic capabilities that the municipalities are exploiting to fulfil their roles in these green transition projects. A potential source for the identification of relevant cases can be found at the following link: Kommunernes Klimakort


The theses will involve both empirical data collection in the field and a theoretical elaboration. The thesis project may also include collaboration with a relevant Danish organization that supports municipalities in delivering local service and developing local communities.


Students are encouraged to submit their short thesis idea to the contact person.

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