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How do companies anticipate and create the future? bij Copenhagen Business School

How do companies anticipate and create the future? The difference between anticipation and creation may not always be clear in practice. Some companies seem to be more oriented towards anticipating the future and taking proactive measures (APM-Maersk, Shell, Danfoss etc.). Other companies focus on creating the future through bold R & D projects (Tesla, SpaceX etc.). Some try to do both (for example Siemens). And then there exist companies that seem to be completely disinterested in the future (some examples can be provided).


Research and common sense suggest that systematic approaches to anticipation and creation mainly take place in larger companies that have the resources to support such measures. However, exceptions exist since many smaller consulting companies specializing in market analysis and futures research provide and sell such services to other companies.


Many research questions are of course possible but some examples may be:


  • How do bigger companies anticipate and create the future?
  • How do smaller companies anticipate and create the future?
  • How do company X anticipate and create the future?
  • Could companies learn from other companies efforts?
  • Could trade associations provide some of the services needed?


I am looking for students who want to write their master thesis projects within this area. You are free to suggest research questions, ideas, details and methodologies yourself. All methodologies are possible. We will then develop the projects together in a dialogue


Supervision may be online or on campus according to your preferences.


For further information, please contact: Associate Professor Henrik Johannsen Duus, e-mail:

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