In the life of a new graduate amazing job opportunities don’t necessarily fall into one’s lap - and as time is passing by, the job hunt can easily turn into a painful task. Soon, frustration will make us doubt the purpose of alarm clocks. Yet, the pleasure of procrastinating will eventually fade, having a lazy sunday will feel unearned and - sooner or later - the bad-conscience-monster will awake. However, when motivation hits the ground, staring at our screens won’t help us land our dream job, either.

I often asked myself how to not let these kind of days go to complete waste and eventually discovered a way of using my low-focus afternoons productively. My personal recommendation: Take your eyes off the screen, go for a run, lie down in a park or do whatever else relaxes you - all, while listening to some podcasts that’ll provide you with inspiring, kick-ass career advice.

While ‘video has killed the radio’ didn’t really happen after all, podcasts are mushrooming nowadays and we all know the more does not necessarily mean the better. Hence, to save you some time, I’ve scrolled through what felt like an infinite amount of streams and now proudly present my well-curated playlist on career guidance and self-motivation. Listen, enjoy and recharge your batteries for the job hunt!

#1: Graduate Job Podcast

The obvious choice: A career podcast tailored to young professionals, students and new graduates. Learn from industry experts, graduate recruiters and career coaches how to put  yourself out there and nail tests, case competitions and interviews. Find out what books you should read as a graduate, why networking is so essential and how to develop a personal brand etc. - all in one podcast.

#2: Crush your internship

Another essential podcast for all career starters: get empowered by informative internship experts and the most exceptional student interns how to crush your internship!

#3: 48 Days

No more Mondays - find a job you love, that’s Dan Miller’s 48 Days mission. No wonder it’s the #1 career podcast on itunes on work, career and business start-up. Listen and learn how to see chances instead of obstacles.

#4: The Daily Boost

Things are looking grey today? Then listen to Scott Smith and his podcast on communication, career advancement, balance and focus. While not merely for career starters, it gives you good advice on how to reduce stress and stay happy during stressful and difficult periods.

#5: Career Tools

This podcast gives your weekly advice in form of specific actions to boost careers regardless of your stage. Well structured, you can easily scroll through the chapters and find exactly what you are looking for.

#6: Recruiting Future

This weekly podcast is dedicated to the future of HR and recruiting. Learn from the experts that are shaping the employment of tomorrow and start working towards your own future.

#7: Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

For everybody applying in English, this podcast is for you. Whether native speaker or not, this podcast makes the most confusing grammatical rules understandable. And we all know, linguistic accuracy is worth a mint when it comes to cover letters, resumes and interviews.

#8: Spartan

Are you looking for success? Then listen carefully to this podcast and find out what has made the most successful people winners. Learn from authors, athletes, CEOs, academics and adventurers from all over the world what tools you need to become successful.

#9: Your business in English

English is your second language but essential to your career? Then start improving your business English skills with this podcast, gain confidence and broaden your thesaurus.

#10: You University - The personal branding podcast

Especially aimed at entrepreneurs and ambitious people to become their best self, to live up to our potential and how to build up a personal brand.

#11: Slate’s Negotiation Academy

This podcast aims at providing you with black-belt negotiating skills in all aspects of your life. Scroll through several sessions on job-related negotiations or learn from related fields such as successful interpersonal negotiations or gender-specific requirements to achieve your aims.