Summer is almost here, and with it the much-needed break from everything related to course literature and exams. Although beach holidays and time-off is tempting, there is always a bit of guilt involved in “just relaxing”. After all, your classmates and friends around you may already have found relevant and interesting internships to gain practical experience over the summer. But do not stress - it is not too late! Here are some tips to help you get a great summer internship at the last minute.

1. Find still active job ads

First of all, find out if there are organisations that are still looking to fill positions for the summer. Even if many large and well-established companies recruit for the summer between November and February and are done by now, there may be smaller companies and startups that are still searching for driven students. 


  Find available internship opportunities here! 

2. Broaden your search

Being open to different types of companies and positions may open up new and exciting opportunities that you would not have thought of in the first place. Additionally, if you are flexible, you can try looking for openings in a different city, or even in another country, where there may be even more opportunities. Even if you do not get a job at a well-known company, it can be very instructive and an advantage to have worked abroad. Read more about how to write the perfect international application.

3. Use your social network

Using your network is perhaps the most important advice in the job search. As Mark Granovetter states in the theory of “The Strength of Weak Ties”; the more distant part of your social network may be the most valuable when it comes to the job search. This is because your closest friends and family usually cannot help with anything that you did not already know about. More distant acquaintances, on the other hand, can contribute with contacts and opportunities that you otherwise would not have heard about. Therefore, it is important to let your social network know that you are looking for an internship, for example by sharing a status on LinkedIn or Facebook, and not being afraid to reach out to people. Remember, even if it does not lead to a job, it does not hurt to maintain the professional network, so do not refrain from picking up old contacts.

4. Do not wait for new job ads

Do not limit yourself to only search for jobs that are advertised, you can also contact companies that you are interested in. Prioritize companies you have a connection to, for example 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-hand contacts on LinkedIn instead of an unsolicited application via the company’s website. Upon contact, show that you are interested in the company and industry and make it clear what you think you can contribute with.

5. If you do not get a summer internship...

If you still do not manage to get a summer internship, it is not the end of the world. Alternatively, sign up for a summer school or take an online course that stand out on your CV. Also, you do not have to abandon the job search altogether - instead go for a more simple job that at least helps you paying the bills, or be one step ahead and start looking for jobs for after the summer.


Read more about when is the ideal time to look for a job or internship. Best of luck in your job search!