Virtual career fairs may still be a relatively new concept, but the preparation for them doesn’t differ that much from any other career networking event. As you may remember, we have already asked recruiters how you can ace any kind of career fair as an attendee.

When the career fair is online, this can actually work to your advantage: Since you are sitting in front a computer or mobile screen, you can keep a cheat sheet nearby to remind you of the most important points for making a good impression.

So, not only do we have some tips for you here, but you can download a sheet to have it next to you on the table on the day of the event.

Your Virtual Career Fair Planner

Step 1: Update your online profile

At the virtual career fair, your Graduateland profile will be matched against the requirements of the companies. The more information you have on the profile, the better can we direct you towards companies offering relevant career opportunities for you.

Also, once you chat with recruiters, they will be able to see your public profile and might ask you questions about it, so another reason to have it filled in as much detail as possible.

Tip: Most important to recruiters are the sections EDUCATION, WORK EXPERIENCE, and LANGUAGE SKILLS, so check if these need to be updated first.   

Step 2: Research the companies

The chats on the virtual career fair are usually quite busy, so use your time talking to the recruiters wisely. While it’s okay to ask for a brief introduction to a company that you are unfamiliar with, a bit of research ahead of time will probably make your experience better.

Tip: You can already view many of the company stands online at the virtual career fair venue right now. Make sure to look at the information they provide and the jobs they have online. You can sort the companies by relevance for you (provided your profile is up to date).

From your research, pick your top 3 companies that you would like to chat with on the day.

Step 3: Write your elevator pitch

Now that you know who you would like to talk to most on the day of the career fair, make sure they will want to talk to you as well. Prepare to introduce yourself to recruiters with a brief statement about who you are, what you do and what your main interest is career-wise.

Tip: Remember that you’re on a chat - things that might sound very concise and to the point when say them out loud may extend quite a bit when you write them down. Therefore, it’s good to take some time to think about what points you really want to get across in your intro and focus on those. To get some ideas, have a look into preparing elevator pitches.

Step 4: Note down your own questions

Recruiters like questions - as long as they are relevant and show that you have researched the position or the company/industry in advance. So, it’s good to have something prepared.

Tip: Don’t ambush company representatives with a question along the lines “So what kind of job can you offer me?” to start the conversation. Instead, concentrate on questions that pop up to you when you read the company profile or a job description. It helps to note down some questions and keep them close by while you’re chatting - so you have something to fall back on in case you get nervous. You find some inspiration on what to ask recruiters on our blog.

The next Virtual Career Fairs are open for registration! 

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