Initially all of us feel a bit lost when it comes to choosing an appropriate interview outfit, not because it is such a hard task (though it can be), but because fashion choices should be the least of our worries when preparing for an interview. There are definitely more pressing matters at hand, like researching the company, preparing to ace those pesky interview questions and nailing that elevator pitch .

We know how important first impressions are and with this article we want to make it easier to you to choose that outfit. We’ve prepared outfit ideas which can inspire you when looking into your own wardrobe. Most of these pieces are already in your closet so you don’t have to go on a shopping spree, unless you want to… there’s no harm in a little retail therapy.

You will see essential pieces for both a formal and an informal interview. If you don’t know which one of the two you should choose, don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too. Read our article ‘Figuring out what to wear to an interview’ and get a better idea about how to read a company’s culture and see how our mothers’ advice is worth gold.

Outfit idea for a formal interview

Check out your wardrobe and find the staple pieces you have for a formal interview.
When picking an outfit for a formal interview,  think of proper office wear, like those you would see i.e. in the banking world. So you best choose simple, elegant and formal pieces, like the ones you see in the picture below.

For your outfit, you can pair a crisp and ironed white shirt with grey pants. Wearing heels is optional, but bear in mind that in this situation comfort is key. You can swap the pants with a skirt but remember to wear clear stockings. Throw on a black jacket or a trench, grab your purse and you’re good to go.

Tips and tricks:

  • You can choose different colors but stay away from anything flashy.
  • Wear simple and elegant jewelry like pearl earrings or a watch.
  • Your hair should be in a nice and neat bun or a ponytail secured with a simple hair tie.
  • Keep your makeup minimalistic.
  • For your nails, go for a clear or a nude nail polish.
  • Clean and polished shoes are a must.

Outfit idea for an informal interview

Finding appropriate interview pieces for an informal interview in your wardrobe is an easy task.
You can be a bit more creative when going for an informal interview. You can show off your personality in your styling and be much more laid back. But remember, this is still an interview and ‘dress well’ is still the norm. Let’s call this a ‘smart casual’ look.

If you like skirts then go for it, but don’t choose anything too short. You can pair this with a blouse or a shirt.

Opting for jeans is ok, if they are a bit darker in color or black. Match it with a pullover and a black jacket.

Tips and tricks:

  • Your hair should be neat, a ponytail is always a safe bet but if you want to wear your hair down you can opt for a half pony. The important is keeping your hair away from your face.
  • Your make up should be kept simple and elegant.
  • You can choose stronger colors but only for one of the items. So if you choose a red pullover, match it with the dark jeans. If you choose a bright blue skirt match it with the white shirt.

All there’s left to say is good luck, remember to smile and be confident!