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Career ownership. Start at Point A. Create your Point B. At EA, your career is yours and while there is no prescription career path at EA, there is unmatched career potential. Dive in deep to become a functional expert or expand into being a team leader. Start in Montreal and move to Los Angeles. Think of it as supported entrepreneurship….for your career. 

To work in the world you play in. You know us and the company we keep: a plant and a zombie, a Commander and a football star, and a community of Sims. Work in the world that you know – that you might have created! – and is known around the world as the destination for digital entertainment. 

The people. At EA, you will work alongside some of the most talented people in the industry. This is not a passing hello in a hallway, but an in-the-trenches, around-the-table, all-hands-on-deck environment where visionaries mentor visionaries and both those who have tenure, and those who are ten days in, have a voice. This is work hard, play hard. 

You’ll experience it all from one of our many amazing studios around the world including in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Austin, Orlando, Salt Lake City, Vancouver, Montreal and Stockholm, just to name a few.


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