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Driving prosperity through sustainable transport solutions - Join us.


Have you ever imagined what the world would be like without transportation? How would you go to work and to school? How would you find food in shops? How would you live in a city without rubbish removed? How would you move around without good infrastructure?

Sustainable and efficient transport solutions are essential for any society to prosper. With major technological paradigm shifts ahead, there have never been more exciting times working with transport solutions. This is what makes the transport industry and the Volvo Group a great place to start your career.

Your ambition to grow – professionally and personally – is what makes our company prosper. And as a truly global organization we offer you a world of opportunities to explore! What makes our company prosper. And as a truly global organization we offer you a world of opportunities to explore! Whether your heart beats for Operations, Engineering or Logistics, our Operations Graduate Program is tailored to meet your aspirations and designed to make you excel. Welcome to the world of exciting possibilities!

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At the end of each Graduate Program, we ask participants what they liked most about their experience. This is what they say -

  • A real job with attractive salary and benefits
  • Working on real business challenges and top notch technologies
  • Training, job rotations and mentoring to develop my technical and soft skills
  • The feeling of being heard, trusted and appreciated by passionate colleagues
  • A passport to explore the world and to work with people from 130 nationalities
  • Insights in many roles, organizations and cultures to jump start my career
  • A fantastic network of contacts making me ready for the future
  • A chance to be part of projects that benefit society for real
  • Countless opportunities to become who I want to be
  • Serious fun and potentially friends for life!

Join our teams

Imagine yourself working with some of the sharpest and most creative brains in the transport an infrastructure industry, developing cutting-edge technologies and sustainable transport solutions that will change the future of society. Follow us in social media to stay up to date with what´s going on in the world of Volvo!