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BEC Top Market Graduate Program: from graduate to an experienced employee

Find out what it's like to join a company as a graduate and how to quickly develop your career.

14. februar 15:00 - 17:00 CET

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Organisert av BEC

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BEC Talent Program 2023 is a unique graduate program that gives you an opportunity to start your career in the financial technologies industry and secure continuous professional development after college. In our 1-year program, you will get a full-time job with an attractive salary, training opportunities throughout the year and flexible conditions to keep a healthy work-life balance. You will become part of a graduate team with like-minded young professionals, join an international Hackathon and have an opportunity to get a permanent position after the completion of the program.

BEC Talent Program offers development in four different career paths. With business analysts on board, the event will allow you to get a deeper look into the business analyst role. If you wish to apply for another position, the event is a great opportunity to get to know the company and us and gain inside knowledge to help you apply to the program.

You can develop with us in one of four paths:

- business analyst,

- software engineer, 

- data engineer

- infrastructure specialist

What to expect: 

At the event, you will discover what working at BEC is like. You can take a break from studying and have a cup of coffee with BEC graduate employees. They have developed their career in BEC from graduates in the Talent Program to different positions in the company – business analysts and product owners – and are open to sharing their experience with you. 

You can learn about the people, challenges and daily life in the fintech company from colleagues with hands-on experience from the graduate program. They will guide you on navigating your career after graduation, continuing development after the program and how you - as a brand-new graduate - can be a valued member of the BEC community.

You can meet Maria, a business analyst graduate in the Talent Program, and postgraduates – Jesper, a business analyst, and Jens, a product owner. Palle Ib. Bodil, one of our experienced business analysts from Talent and Workforce, will be facilitating the event and Natalie, BEC talent partner, will answer all questions about the graduate program. Feel free to contact us at the BEC stall on Graduateland (BEC - Graduateland) or book a talent partner for a 1:1 meeting after the online session. 


15-16 GMT+1 - Presentation from BEC & Meet the Team 

16-17 GMT+1 - Live chat or book a 1-1 Conversation with one from the team.

About BEC

BEC is one of Denmark's biggest fintech companies, providing IT solutions for around 3.7 million bank customers. We have over 50 years of experience developing and operating IT for the financial sector, primarily Danish banks. In BEC, we are more than 1800 talented individuals working in Denmark and Poland. Our offices are in Roskilde, Herning and Warsaw.

We are a community of ambitious, open-minded people who wish to continuously develop new skills and help create IT solutions for the financial sector. We are looking for recent university graduates who share our goals and values. If you're up for a challenge and want to grow your talent, learn more about our Talent Program and apply:  

What you need to apply for the graduate program:

Step 1: Upload your CV, applications, and transcript of records before February 26

Step 2: HR professionals will screen your application according to a set of objective criteria

Step 3: Complete cognitive and technical online test

Step 4: Participate in interviews and case assignments during assessment day on March 15 and 16

Step: 5 Participate in the second interview

Step 6: Time to sign the contract! See you on your first day of work!

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