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A knowledge graph for a publication and discussion web site hos Linköpings Universitet

A knowledge graph for a publication and discussion web site

Level: 30hp (Advanced level, Master's thesis)
Number of students: 1-2
Area: Computer Science

Argument och fakta is a web site that collects and publishes information related to society, etnicity, religion and identity. It contains factual information, discussions and links to other articles and information sources. In this project we want to develop a knowledge graph for the information in 'klippsamlingen', a collection of newspaper articles. Most of these articles are currently in Swedish. The knowledge graph should contain one or more ontologies as well as facts extracted from the articles.
The following steps will be included in the work:
  • literature study of the areas ontology learning and ontology population
  • analysis of current sytems
  • selection and adaptation of existing system to project or prototyping a new system
  • evaluation on the newspaper articles

It is an advantage to have knowledge about ontologies and/or data or text mining as well as an understanding of Swedish.
Contact: Patrick Lambrix.
Page responsible: Patrick Lambrix
Last updated: 2017-12-04

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