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Technical Project Manager - Nordic Trainee Program 2020 hos Lime Technologies

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Would you like to work with interesting products and extremely smart colleagues? How about working for a company that offers an innovative and fun working environment? Still interested? Awesome!

Nordic Trainee Program is a perfect career opportunity for you who got the right entrepreneurial spirit and will graduate this fall or worked maximum 2 years since graduation. We think your academic background is a Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Business, IT/Computer Science, or Engineering etc.

We’re looking for trainees for the roles as Application Consultant, Project Manager or Account Manager to our officies in Stockholm, Lund, Gothenburg, Helsinki and Copenhagen. Developer trainees are we looking for to our development teams only in Lund. You must be fluent in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or Finnish (depending on where you’d like to work), and have no trouble speaking English.

The program starts August 3. Apply ASAP!

The trainee program

With our Nordic Trainee Program, we promise you a unique opportunity to kick start your career as a graduate. A substantial amount of training, together with challenging projects, guarantees a steep development curve. You get a senior colleague as a mentor who will give you guidance and support throughout the one year program. Simply a brilliant start of your career!

Are you our new star?

Technical Project Manager: We secretly call someone like you a “Swiss army knife”. The reason being, you are a wonderful mix of a management consultant and a technical project manager. Moreover, you get extremely excited when you think of software and code.

As a technical project leader, you will be exposed to a thrilling mix of customer interactions and IT. Your focus will be on processes in which you help customers progress, from defining needs and customising our system, all the way to training CRM users. You will have your base at one of our cool offices, but you will travel a fair bit to support our customers. Working with fledgling fresh customers is as important as providing some tender loving care to our existing customers. That is what world class customer care is about!

Your success has its foundation in your commitment: a desire to always learn, as well as a long-term focus on results. To support you, we will provide everything from technical training on our products to drilling within project management. To be able to shoulder the role as project manager and to learn from us, some kind of pre-knowledge in programming is necessary – otherwise the uphill challenge would be simply too steep.

You should be

  • Business savvy
  • Interested in technology and IT
  • Trustworthy
  • Smart and gets things done
  • Not a bad loser, but you hate to loose
  • Wishing to work and learn from the best
  • A person with a high EQ
  • Owner of a drivers license
  • Despite all this; humble with a sense of humour.
  • Be fluent in either/or: Swedish, Danish, Finnish or Norwegian

Why Lime?

At Lime, we love CRM! Since the beginning of the 1990’s we have helped companies to reach better results with the help of easy-to-use Customer Relationship solutions that we develop, consult and support ourselves. Although we love to brag that we had a growth of 20% per year since 2000, we are quite humble. Are you looking for an employer where innovation, customer care and “fika” are highly valued? Where the twinkle in your eye is your most important asset? Welcome to Lime!

Today we are over 270 colleagues and one of the biggest CRM suppliers in the Nordic countries with offices in Lund, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo and Copenhagen.

Apply today!

The program starts August 3. Positions will be filled as soon as we find the right person. Deadline for application is January 9th.