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Improving adoption of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system via support on the go hos Novo Nordisk

Background information

In 2019-2021 Novo Nordisk implemented a new Customer Relation Management (CRM) system from IQVIA called OCE Personal. The system is based on SalesForce and can be used via web, iPad or phone.

The system has approx. 10.000 users across Sales, Medical and Market Access (the frontline) who all work in the field on a daily basis,  visiting Health Care Professionals (HCPs).   

Current focus is to improve the frontline adoption of OCE Personal., One of the solutions could be easier access to support, user guidance and training. The frontline primarily work from iPads – many do not have a PC – and outside Novo Nordisk network, which makes it more difficult to access established support and training channels.

The frontline is part of Novo Nordisk International Operations which is covering approx. 80 countries, and the thesis will be carried oot in collaboration with the Commercial, Medical and Digital, Data and IT in International Operations.

Case description

The case for the thesis is to investigate how we can improve access to support, user guidance and training better for the frontline within their daily context of work. The outcome could be a prototype for an app the frontline can use.

Examples of possible questions to include and investigate

  • How is the daily life in the frontline? What are the challenges in getting support and guidance?

  • Do the already implemented enterprise solutions (ServiceNow and Degreed) offer any opportunities?

  • Can AI/ML be used?

  • How can the development organisation easily pick up trends of things not working?

  • How can the development organisation communicate solutions and new features to the frontline? 

Mette Jensen
Senior Director, IT, IO-SO DDIT
[email protected]

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