MSc student in Biodiversity Genomics hos Biologisk Institut - Københavns Universitet

Our project sequences genomes for 300 species of syngnathiform fishes, which include a diverse group of fishes including seahorses, seadragons and various pipefishes.

In the lab, we now have various projects on analyzing these genomes in comparative evolutionary contexts using bioinformatic tools. Possible projects include (but are not limited to): genome size evolution, phylogenetic history, analysis of gene families, evolution of genomic architecture. 

Depending on your desired learning outcomes and previos expertise, we will design a suitable project to match your interests. Bioinformatic skills are not a requirement for all projects. A background in biology, or bioinformatics, or computer science are desired. 

Students with their own project ideas are also incouraged to contact email to discuss possibilities.

Please drop me an email! Looking forward to hearing from you,

Josefin Stiller

Assistant Professor

Department of Biology

University of Copenhagen

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