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Thesis / exchange on SEO strategies hos ID24

International IT company in Uppsala looking offering to do thesis / work on SEO strategies 

Who / Why /Background

Join a fun, innovative, hard working, passionate team that brings the latest technology to retailers. The thesis / exchange will take place part time from Uppsala, Sweden or remotely. We could meet once a week for a few hours to bounce ideas and look at progress. Our company has been around for more than 10 years and been recently awarded with AAA rating (around 2% of Swedish companies receive this rating). We spend our own time and efforts to be visible in search engines.

Topic suggestions

The thesis / exchange we would like to suggest is to make an inventory list of value adding websites when it comes to SEO. At ID24 we have had our own results to be ranked in Google. A first step could be to compare these results to other search engines and the importance of the Google competition. After this we can document a few more value adding websites and document the effect of links to ID24 from those websites. We also have video content on YouTube for example and this can also be seen as way to improve search engine optimisation. We could define a strategy around SEO and see the outcome within a few weeks on how our ranking has been improved. 


Contact info

If you are interested in joining us in 2023 please send a few sentences about yourself (Swedish is ok too), why you would be happy to work on this thesis / exchange along with your CV to: [email protected]

Merk: Du skal ofte ha forhåndsgodkjennelse fra universitetet ditt eller studieveileder, for å sikre deg at prosjekter eller masteroppgaver på Graduateland kan bli akseptert som en del av studiet. Kontakt det rette organ i god tid for å sikre deg at du velger det rette prosjekt.