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What are you 2020 Internship Deadlines?

Spring Insight Program - 4 days - 26 January 2020 Summer Analyst Internship Program - 10 weeks - 8 December 2019 Summer IBCM Associate Internship Program - 10 weeks - 26 January 2020 Final Year Analyst Internship Program - 10 weeks - 26 January 2020

Do I need to be a Business or Economics major to apply?

No. Most of our programs accept applicants from all disciplines and degree majors, though some programs are geared toward undergraduates and some are geared toward graduate students.

Do I need an internship to get a full time offer?

We always recommend that students have valid experience when applying to our full-time roles, so an internship is recommended, but this is not a prerequisite.

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Advice for Interns

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse is a leading global wealth manager with strong investment banking capabilities. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, our operation has a global reach and extends to about 50 countries worldwide across mature and emerging markets with more than 45,000 employees from over 150 different nations.

We partner across countries, divisions and regions to deliver holistic financial solutions to our clients, including innovative products and specially tailored advice, aligned to our high ethical standards. We strive for quality and excellence in our work and professional relationships, recognizing and rewarding extraordinary performance among our employees and providing opportunities for internal mobility, dedicated training and leadership.

As a global and inclusive community, we benefit from a diverse range of perspectives to create value and drive results for our clients, shareholders and communities. Our values are brought to life through the entrepreneurial spirit of all within our network. We are Credit Suisse.

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