Pathfinding algoritmer i 3d-miljö at Symetri AB


We are working on software that helps the design of pipes and cables in a CAD 3D environment. An important aspect to simplify this process is to correctly create reasonable suggestions from point A to point B. There can be multiple strategies and constrains to consider when optimising for a solution.  

How to tackle this in the best way is open, but the general idea is to explore the cutting edge of 3d-pathfinding algorithms, while applying constraints that comes from real life manufacturers. This could be fixing the angles of bends, or requiring certain slopes, minimizing the number of cuts per pipe in case they are bought in a prefixed size etc.

Are 3d-pathfinding algorithms the optimal way to go, can shortcuts be found in linear algebra? This is for you to find out, perhaps the next pathfinding algorithm will have your name!    



Who you are

  • You are looking for a thesis which allows for in depth reasoning regarding algorithms, optimisation and constraints while being highly relevant both to academia and industrial needs.


  • You like to analyse compare and implementing algorithms and have an interest in 3D-environments.


  • You get excited when you finally get to apply your linear algebra skills to real problems. The chance to apply your education  
  • Likely you are studying D&&C/M/F/Pi with a strong sense of maths and algorithms while able to implement and model using programming.


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