Optimizing device firmware for speed, power management and security at Serstech AB


Our devices are embedded linux with a multiprocessor architecure.

There are 3 different subsystems.

  • The measurment system which comprises of a laser with driver, TEC (Thermo Electric Cooler) and CCD.
  • The housekeeper that handles booting and similair functions.
  • The Linux system running on i.MX6 with a Qt graphical framework.

We would like to explore improvements in the following 3 focus areas.

  • Memory management / speed of analysiz.
  • Security of the device
  • Power management

Thesis can be around 1,2 or all 3 parts. 

Who would be perfect?

We think that software engineering and/or electronics is a requirement, but chemistry is a plus as are physics and optics.

We also think that the thesis is prefarable done as a team effort with 2-3 students of different competence.

Who are Serstech?

Serstech is a Swedish with headquarters in Lund and manufacturing in Skellefteå. The company develop Raman spectroscopy. Our mission is to create a safer world by identifying narcotics, explosives and chemical warfare agents.

Serstech’s R&D team consists of 15 highly skilled engineers from diverse backgrounds. The working language is English and there are no other language requirements. Being able to speak Swedish or Romanian is a plus, but not a requirement, since meetings and documentation are in English. The work culture is inclusive, open, friendly and innovative and everyone is encouraged to contribute with ideas and input about the roadmap and technology. This is an opportunity to take on an important role and make a real difference in our mission to make the world safer.

Our latest product the Arx is a truly handheld Raman device. It has been designed together with police and first responder teams to solve the real problems operatives face in the field. Determine what’s in front of you in seconds, without complexity. Narcotics, explosives, TICs and chemical warfare agents.

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