Protein-lignin glues for wood composites at Københavns Universitet

This is an applied industrial research Master’s project that deals with developing new glues for wood composites such as particle board. The goal is based on using new glues to replace formaldehyde-based glues due to the toxicity of formaldehyde emissions. Lignin from wheat straw (grown in DK) will be crosslinked with proteins from grass (also from DK) to look into new glue formulations. The student needs to be interested in wood/plant  chemistry. Apart from the chemistry, the student will use FTIR and other techniques for this research.

The student will work directly with Dr. Mark Lawther, Wood Chemist, Jena Trading Co. and Anand Sanadi (UCPH, IGN), a Material Scientist.

The project involves several other companies including Kronospan, Denmark.

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