Internship/Thesis – Full Stack Software Developer for Robotics Control Centre (M/F) at Space Applications Services

Internship Position

The Robotics Software & Intelligence (RSI) Team is responsible for developing a software toolset responsible for a multi-robot mission control centre with wide applications in marine, terrestrial and outer space applications.

This Internship is related to the development and deployment of command, control and communications software for handling fleets of heterogeneous robots. This will provide the chance to create a generic backend and front-end tools for controlling a wide variety of marine, terrestrial, aerial and orbital robots and work in the integration of various state-of-the-art AI data fusion and autonomous multi-agent software.

The Intern will contribute to the development of state of art technologies in full-stack web applications, cloud-deployed software, modern UI/UX design and distributed communication methods, together with the rest of the team using an Agile approach.


The Internship is available at the RSI Team (Systems Department).
The candidate will mainly report to the RSI Team Lead.

  • Location: Sint-Stevens-Woluwe (Brussels Area)
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Start date: As of October 2022


Tasks and Responsibilities

Duties for technical internships typically include a selection of the following:

  • Creation of new functionalities for the robot control centre web-based User Interface using VUE and webpack
  • Development of backend services for data management using Python, NodeJS, SQL and data exchange methods like HTTP, WebSockets, ROS-DDS etc
  • Integration of various client applications to the robotics control centre
  • Contribution to tools meant for handling autonomous vehicles, mission planning and plan monitoring
  • Development and management of secured user authentication and data sharing processes for a web application.


Skills and Experience

Depending on the Thesis/Internship’s scope of work, a selection of the following is desirable:

  • Currently enrolled in a Master’s degree in Computer Science, Web Development, Robotics or a similar university program
  • Strong interest in the design, valorisation and use of diverse UI/UX and its deployment in production as part of large web applications
  • Experienced with the development of libraries and frontend/backend JavaScript, Typescript, HTML and CSS
  • Good understanding and knowledge of:
    • REST API, HTTP calls, and WebSocket communication
    • Python and SQL databases
  • Familiarity with:
    • The development of web applications using frameworks
    • Object-oriented programming and/or functional programming
  • Proficient user of git version control tools
  • Fast to learn and adopt new technologies
  • Independent worker and results-driven, with a good sense of responsibility
  • Good in English, both spoken and written
  • Passionate about robotics, autonomous vehicles and AI. 


Considered as Assets

  • Experience with:
    • Deploying large web applications in production using NGINX
    • Web-based GIS projects (e.g. geoserver, openlayers, vue-layers)
  • Knowledge about:
    • ROS (Robot Operating System) Middleware
    • Symbolic planners
  • Familiar with user authentication development and VUE.js.


What do we offer

  • An experience within a growing company with highly motivated Engineers, Scientists and Administrative Staff coming from all different horizons and countries
  • A professional and multicultural working atmosphere
  • A client exposure and networking opportunities
  • A full-time Internship with a monthly lump sum allowance, under certain conditions.


How To Apply

Send your CV and Motivation Letter (both in English), along with your internship’s start date, to the attention of Mr Lilian Durand.

The successful candidate shall be eligible to do an internship in the European Union.