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Master Thesis: Environmental impact estimation of the supply chain for a 2-Stroke engine at MAN Energy Solutions

Expires in 12 days

The goal of this project is to analyze and estimate the environmental impact caused by the logistics behind the production of one of our engines. This includes, among others, transportation of raw materials, semi-manufactured components, finished parts and complete transport to shipyard. 

As part of our strategy to reduce our CO2 footprint, we want to develop a model capable of predicting emissions and pinpointing the most critical areas where we should direct our efforts in the future. In the first project, we estimated the impact of manufacturing one of our new Methanol engines. The results showed 4 critical working areas, one of them being logistics. The student should look at this topic and predict the impact. 

The project will be divided into 3 different areas: 

  1. Raw material acquisition. Our portfolio includes engines with a mass of up to 2400t. The main material used is steel which has to be transported, first from the mines and then from the steel mills to the manufacturers. 
  2. Transportation to the engine builder. Many of the components are produced by 3rd companies and bought by the engine manufacturers. A model predicting the means of transport and their impact should be developed. 
  3. Engine delivery to the shipyard. The engines, once tested, are disassembled and sent to the shipyards. This last step is generally done by sea and should be included in the calculations. 

The project is expected to last 20 weeks, with status orientation every 2 weeks to project owners. The result should be a simple, but complete model of the impact of our business. 

Contact Details:

Ricard Colom Martin: 

Per Brandt:

Address: Teglholmsgade 41, 2450 København SV.

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