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Located in the west of the continent, Belgium offers a truly European experience in many ways: Its capital Brussels is simultaneously the capital of the European Union (EU) and home to many EU institutions (such as the Parliament and the commission) as well as corporate subsidiaries.

Sharing borders with Germany, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, the country is multicultural and multilingual. The Flemish communities in the north speak Dutch, while French is the main language of the Wallonian population in the south. Brussels is bilingual and, therefore, carries its name in both languages “Bruxelles” (in French) and “Brussel” (in Dutch). Belgium is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe and most of its 11 million citizens live in urban areas.

Its international vibe, as well as the many university towns, make Belgium a popular destination among a young mobile workforce. The KU Leuven regularly scores top placements in international university rankings. Apart from the capital, cities like Ghent, Antwerp or Bruges attract visitors from Europe and across the globe.

Due to its strong ties into European politics, many job opportunities in Belgium are found in public organisations. Job applications to the EU are via a so called “Concours” and are open to graduates from many different study backgrounds (competition is fierce, though!). Also, many private European corporations run offices in Brussels. Because of it central location, the country is also an important transportation hub on the continent.  

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