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Jobs in the biotechnology and life science field are becoming more diverse. While the traditional career mostly involves a Ph.D. and research in a university laboratory, the scope of potential jobs is actually much broader.

The life science comprises a wide field of specialties, ranging from biology to medicine or neuroscience. In short: it includes everything that has to do with living organisms. Biotechnologists belong to the life sciences majors. They are concerned with using living systems and organisms in order to make useful products from them.

Biotech jobs in the private sector

Next to research and teaching jobs at universities, biotechnology and life science jobs can be found in the agricultural sector as well. Industries such as pharmaceuticals, food production or health technology also hire life scientists for a number of purposes: it may be research, but it can also be marketing, business analysis or even intellectual property law.

Furthermore, ethic committees and government organizations often rely on the professional input from scientists when it comes to policy making. One grown field that uses life science and biotechnology experts is healthcare informatics technology. Specialists in that field facilitate and oversee the digitalization process in the healthcare sector, managing and analyzing data for numerous purposes.      

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