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Since the Second World War Brussels is a major center for international politics, hosting EU institution and the headquarters of NATO.

The city has a wide range of tourist attractions to offer, like the Grande Place, the Peeing Boy, the Palais de Justice, the Mini Europe and the Opera House. Brussels is known for its waffles, chocolate, French fries and over 800 types of beer on sale. There will always be museums to visit, new cafes and restaurants to try and walks to take in this city where the modern and traditional architecture live side by side.

As the capital of the EU, Brussels is largely service oriented. Due to its role in politics there are a large number of ambassadors and journalists present. It is also third in the number of international conferences it holds and becoming on of the largest convention centers in the world.

Brussels is located a few kilometers north to the boundary between the French, in the south, and the Dutch, in the north, language communities of Belgium. The majority of its population is French, but officially the city is bilingual. English is increasingly used due to the large number of migrants and expatriates living in the city.

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