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Creative & Design graduate jobs in Netherlands

Find an Creative & Design graduate job in Netherlands. Right now we have 16 available NL Creative & Design graduate jobs from employers like & .

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Graduate jobs refer to full-time, entry-level positions for individuals who have completed a degree from a higher education institution. With a typical workweek of 30-45 hours, accompanied by a corresponding salary and various potential benefits, graduate jobs form one of the most common and most popular forms of employment today. They are found in businesses of all shapes and sizes and across all sectors, including creative & design. See which jobs we currently have online in Netherlands.

Tip: Get started on the application process for your graduate job by updating your CV and writing a cover letter that is tailored to the job description.

The essentials of a career in creative & design  

Creative and design professionals are a crucial part of the modern business, and this is certainly the case in Netherlands. When you are working within the creative areas of an organisation you will be involved with creating, brainstorming, designing, evaluating, and communicating a product or message. graduate jobs are the perfect way to develop these skills. At the core of creative and design positions is the translation and communication of core brand values across every touch-point. However, within this field lie a diverse variety of opportunities and roles such as user experience designer, photographer, graphic artist, and many more.

Tip: Make sure to do some research on what kind of tasks might await you in the field of creative & design! That knowledge will make it much easier for you to answer and ask questions in a job interview.

Working and living in the Netherlands

There are many reasons to seek employment in the Netherlands - its laid-back culture, its buzzing cities and its international workforce are just a few. The country offers a variety of graduate jobs in creative & design. Its strategically great position at the very heart of Western Europe and its business-friendly regulation have brought many multinational companies into the country. One of them may be offering the right graduate job for you. 

Tip: Be aware that the requirements for job applications in the Netherlands may be different from what you are used to. So spend some time finding out how a standard Dutch CV looks and how to formulate a cover letter for Dutch companies. Also, prepare for the way that job interviews are usually conducted in the Netherlands.  

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