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The kingdom of Denmark is located in the northern part of Europe, as part of Scandinavia. Despite being a large country only a few centuries ago, thanks to aggressive warfare and a heritage from the mighty vikings, Denmark today is a small country, with less than 6 million citizens. 

As with many smaller countries Denmark has been forced to rely on innovation and technology in order to compete in a globalised world, and the country has become a leader in several industries. Naturally this reflects on the labour market where there is a high demand for skilled candidates across many industries, including biotechnology, environmental and renewable energy, production, shipping, and banking. 

Employment for students and graduates

As with many other countries in Europe many young graduates face the challenge of unemployment. The tendencies are fortunately reversing, and the graduate unemployment is decreasing. It is currently around 20% with some academic areas being more hit than others. 

It is very normal for university students in Denmark to have a student job alongside their studies. This provides the student with valuable work related experience, which is highly appreciated by employers when the student graduates and starts applying for their first fulltime jobs. Naturally the student jobs also act as a way of grooming candidates and the student may continue with the same employer but in a different role. 

The labour market

The Danish labour market is highly affected by the acclaimed ‘flexicurity’ model, where employers are able to hire and fire whenever they want (the flexibility). Naturally this means that the risk of hiring someone is much lower, and in case you are let go the unemployment compensations are very high (the security).

The tax level

If you have spoken with a Dane and the conversation has turned to politics and the taxation level, odds are that the high tax level has been brought up in order to spark a reaction. Because the tax level is very high. This has the Danes divided into the ones that appreciate it, and the ones that feel that they would rather pay themselves for social security etc. rather than having the state do so. 

That said Danes in general highly appreciate the fact that medical care, education (including studying at university) and many other things are free. 

This has resulted in Denmark being one of the countries with highest equality and where social mobility is the greatest.

Language skills

Being a small country, the vast majority of Danes speak English fluently. This is taught to everybody early in school, and everybody is excited to speak English whenever the chance presents itself. Consequently it can be a challenge to learn Danish, because Danes prefer switching the conversation to English, rather than carrying it out in your broken Danish. Danes partly do this for your sake, but primarily because they just love to show off that they excel in foreign languages. 

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