Positions in Dublin

Dublin is the capital and largest city in Ireland, where several employers such as Aviva, BT Group, Bird & Bird, A.P. Møller - Maersk & Boeing are looking for new applicants.

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Dublin is the capital of Ireland and is home to a quarter of Ireland’s population. Located in the province of Leinster on Ireland’s east coast, the city has the charm and feel of a busy provincial town. Dublin has emerged from the economic recession in 2008, and has become the high-tech capital of Europe and continues to grow with all the new start-ups moving here. The city’s International Financial Services Centre and Docklands area are buzzing with an international young workforce and are an exciting place to be. The Irish people are well known for their friendliness and happy-go-lucky nature, which has led to the city being voted the Friendliest City in Europe twice by TripAdvisor. It is a city that definitely wants to meet you, greet you and make you feel welcome.

The city was founded back in 988 AD as a Viking settlement, and past events have left a mark in Dublin that is still visible today but combined with the new wave of energy that has hit Dublin in the recent years, making the city a historical and contemporary centre for education, arts, economy and industry.

Dublin has a renowned history in the literary, music and movie world with celebrated native names such as George Bernard Shaw, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Bran Stoker, and many more. This has lead to the city being awarded the title of UNESCO City of Literature.

Ireland’s economic centre is located in the region of Dublin, as it was at the forefront of the country's rapid economic expansion during the Celtic Tiger period. The economic improvements in the 1990s attracted a large number of global pharmaceutical, information and communications technology companies to the city and Greater Dublin Area. The boom brought many new ethnic groups into the city and created a more international feel, particularly in the north inner city. Dublin is a leading city when it comes to innovation and creativity, and it represents a perfect combination of the Irish cultural heritage and the city’s new vibrant energy.

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