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Would you like to work in France? We can offer you 1608 different FR positions right now. The positions are located in several different cities in France including Paris, Toulouse, Grenoble, Lyon & Nice.

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France is Europe’s second largest economy and an important trading partner to many other nations, so it is only natural for internationally known companies and brands such as %employers% to run offices there. The capital Paris is not only considered the world’s most important fashion hub but is also home to companies from different kinds of industries. This makes the French metropolis one of the most popular destinations for working and studying among students.

While much of the country’s economic activity is centered around Paris, there is also a range of options in other regions. France is a quite urbanised country, therefore, cities such as  Lyon, Marseille, and Strasbourg offer various opportunities to hunt for jobs either at private companies or within the public sector.

Working in France

France is known for its employee-friendly labour laws that include a minimum wage (even for interns), a 35-hour working week (though this is a hotly debated subject) and a number of other standard contract settings and benefits.

At the same time, the overall working culture is classified as relatively hierarchical with clear chains of command even in the business world, though this can, of course, vary from organisation to organisation. Being able to speak French as least at a conversational level is a prerequisite for the majority of jobs offered by employers in France, so taking a language course before applying is highly recommendable for non-native speakers.

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