Graduate schemes in USA

Right now we have 301 available US graduate scheme positions from popular employers like Analysys Mason, Air Liquide, Analog Devices, AECOM & Abbott. The different graduate schemes are spread across many cities in USA including Enterprise, Central, Page, Protection & New York.

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The many facets of a graduate scheme

Graduate programmes refer to training and development schemes designed by corporations to address graduates that are looking for an opportunity to jump-start their professional career. Hence, similar to an internship, they offer an effective way to experience a variety of aspects concerning specific job posts, while also gaining a more in-depth understanding of an organisation as a whole. Many employers offer graduate programmes, including ABB, Abercrombie & Fitch, Airbnb, Alstom & Amadeus.

Training & work experience - The fast track to responsibility

However, graduate programmes are more than just industry placements. They form an introduction to an organisation’s core business, structure and internal culture while encompassing intense training, continuous mentoring, and a view towards permanent employment upon completion. The training fragment often revolves around general workplace skills, such as communication, management, strategy understanding, decision making etc. which are frequently applied across a wide range of business units. Your assigned mentor will be providing on-going career advice and assistance, while also assessing your progress and individual attributes in order to boost your professional development. Most of these internship programmes are with pay.

Your future placement in the organisation hosting the graduate programme will usually be in the form of a junior managerial role. Depending on your skill sets, assessment, and overall performance, though, getting fast tracked into more responsible positions within the company is a common outcome of the programmes.

Tip: Get started on the application process for your graduate scheme by updating your CV and writing a cover letter that is tailored to the job description.

Living and working in the United States

Being the world’s most powerful economic and military power, the USA has long been a popular destination if you are looking for graduate schemes. In any case, you need to apply for a visa. Obtaining that might prove a bit challenging as you need to be sponsored by an employer or to apply independently for a working visa.

The administrative process is less cumbersome for highly qualified people (those with advanced degrees, ‘exceptional abilities’ or a certain number of years of professional experience). Similarly, professionals in specialty occupations would find the requirements less rigid. Speciality occupations include, but are not limited to, computer system analysts and programmers, physicians, professors, engineers, and accountants. Research and development in biotechnology have grown in popularity, so if you are considering a job in the field of sustainable agriculture, using biofuels and other alternative sources of energy, your application might also be evaluated favourably.

2 US universities are active partners in the Graduateland Network, the University of Wisconsin - Madison and the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder

Tip: Be aware that the requirements for job applications in USA may be different from what you are used to. Check the points where you can adapt your CV, cover letter and communication with employers to local standards.

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