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Hamburg is the main economic hub of Germany’s northwestern region. Its roughly 1.8 million citizens make it the country’s second biggest city after the capital Berlin. With the river Elbe as its lifeline, the Hamburg port in is among the biggest in Europe and a magnet for different industries.

Hamburg prides itself on the important role it has played in the history of European trade. The city is part of the “Hanse”, a trading cooperation among different cities in Northern Germany that evolved in the Middle Ages. To this day Hamburg sports the official term “Hansestadt” as a part of its name. Water is definitely the dominating element there: The city is riddled with canals (called “Fleet”) with water flowing in from the Elbe and the local smaller river Alster. Therefore, it is no surprise that many of Hamburg’s tourist attractions are connected to its rich history of nautical adventures and famous tradesmen: There is the harbor, the old maze of trading houses built into the water called Speicherstadt and - of course - the famous red-light strip, the Reeperbahn.

The city is home to many big German companies and large multinationals that opened subsidiaries there. It is also a media hub, shaped by the legacy of the country’s traditional publishing houses as well as an emerging digital startup culture.   

Are you ready for a new challenge? Then don your raincoat (due to the closeness of the north sea the weather is prone to sudden changes) and sailing shoes and find your dream job in Hamburg in the list below.


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