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Currently, we have 263 internships available in Sweden, offered by companies such as Ericsson, Amazon, Business Sweden, EY & EF Education First. Apply for an internship today to get important work experience, start building your professional network and find out what it's like to live Scandinavian style!

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These job opportunities are a very popular way to put into practice your theoretical knowledge in a real working environment. They are often temporary and the length can vary between 6 weeks and 12 months. Internships can also vary between being part time and full time, and between paid and unpaid. There are plenty of advantages in taking on an internship. First of all, there is usually some form of training by a mentor, who keeps track of an intern’s progress and ensures that the assigned tasks are suitable. Internships are also the best opportunity to improve your future career possibilities. Unlike graduate programs, there is no guarantee of a full-time employment offer at the end of the internship. However, those interns who are able to stand out have a good chance of being offered a position at the end of their studies. Internships can also be an opportunity to develop your professional network, try out different industry opportunities or simply gain university credits.

Tip: Be aware that the requirements for job applications in Sweden may be different from what you are used to. So spend some time finding out what a standard Scandinavian CV looks like and how to formulate a cover letter for Scandinavian companies.

Also, prepare for the way that job interviews are usually conducted in Scandinavia.

Why Sweden?

Sweden has a population of over 9 million people and the capital Stockholm has received the nickname as Capital of Scandinavia.
Many large companies such as %employers% have offices in Sweden, and the country’s unemployment level is clearly below the European average. In the 15-24 age group, one out of five is unemployed, but almost half of them are full-time students.
Important industries in the Swedish economy are timber, hydropower, and iron ore, as well as telecommunications, the automotive industry, and pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, Sweden boasts the seventh highest Human Development Index in the world, a measure of general well-being in a country. Sweden has one the world’s lowest Gini coefficients, a metric of income inequality.

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