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Fancy trying your luck in Luxembourg? Graduateland has plenty of opportunities available. Famed for its high living standard, Luxembourg is an attractive location for those wanting to work in finance and banking.

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Although Luxembourg is one of Europe’s smallest states, it’s also one of its richest and if you’re looking for positions in finance you won’t be disappointed. Luxembourg has made its fortune from private banking services and is notorious for offering a favourable climate for large multinational companies to operate in. Situated in a historically strategic position, Luxembourg continues to be an important international player, mainly through its membership of the European Union and the fact that it houses some prestigious EU institutions, including the European Court of Justice. Its trilingual education system produces a highly qualified workforce, most of whom are likely to speak English fluently in addition to Luxembourgish, French and German.

Luxembourg City is the nation’s capital and largest urban area and the majority of positions are available here. The city itself sits atop a deep gorge across the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers which means that visitors are constantly presented with stunning clifftop views over the fairy-tale streets, as well as the contemporary buildings that house EU and financial institutions. Luxembourg is a popular choice for expats coming from its neighbouring countries of France, Germany and Belgium and if you want to compete in this polyglot environment you will certainly need to brush up on your language skills. So, if Luxembourg’s unique charms appeal to you, browse Graduateland’s opportunities and get ready to live it up with the Luxembourgers!

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