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There are many reasons to work in the Netherlands - its laid-back culture, its buzzing cities and its international workforce are just a few. The country offers a variety of work opportunities to students in almost any field.

The Netherlands is a nation with a long-standing history of proud tradesmen.  Also, its strategically great position at the very heart of Western Europe and its business-friendly regulation have brought many multinational companies into the country. The capital Amsterdam is not only home to one of the world’s oldest stock exchanges, but also to a prospering service sector with a large amount of banks, consulting firms, service agencies and startups. Rotterdam plays a key role in international supply chain and logistics, as its port is to date the biggest in Europe. The third largest Dutch city, The Hague, not only houses the country’s parliament and government, but also The International Court of Justice and The International Criminal Court, which has brought about its byname: legal capital of the world. It is this kind of diversity in work opportunities that makes the Netherlands an exciting place for your job search.     

The Dutch culture puts a lot of emphasis on work-life-balance. The regular working week is about 40 hours. So there are enough opportunities to get to know the country in your free time. Since the Netherlands only covers a very small area, it is very easily possible to take a daytrip to another city, the countryside with its tulip fields and windmills, or the beautiful Dutch sea shore.

Getting curious? Then browse the jobs below and start polishing up your Dutch... Just kidding! Almost everyone in the Netherlands speaks English.   

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