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Norway is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It’s population of about five million enjoy one of the highest GDP per capita and hourly wages in the world. But a good economical situation is not the only reason Norway is known for. Its beautiful coastline of fjords and islands stretches over ten thousands of kilometers and is on the bucket list of many nature lovers.

Due to its geographical location and the mountains which dominate the country, skiing and mountain climbing are popular activities. Elk and reindeer are often encountered inhabitants of the northern regions. The northern lights which are visible from late October until spring attract quite an amount of tourists every year. It is the country of the midnight sun, because in certain parts of the country never experience darkness during summertime.

The oil from the North Sea, and gas and petroleum fields are major cornerstones in the country’s economy. Other major industries are fishery, pulp and paper, forestry, mining, manufacturing and shipping.

The country’s capital is Oslo where the Nobel Peace Prize is given out each year. The city has a great importance in terms of maritime technology in Europe and is home to approximately 2000 companies within this sector.

Bergen is the second largest city after Oslo. It is the national center for education, tourism and finance. The city is an international center for aquaculture, shipping, offshore petroleum industry, and subsea technology.

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