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What's a typical part-time job for students? 

A student job refers to a part-time, entry-level position occupied by someone who is in the process of studying for their degree, and who wants to supplement their theoretical knowledge with some practical know-how - and, of course, earn some money.

Representing structured pathways from an academic environment to the real world of work, they develop student employability skills and improve their aptitude to find appropriate positions upon graduation. Student jobs also offer great networking and contact-establishment opportunities.

Working hours and salary for student workers

Commonly working between 10-30 hours a week, student jobs are a prime method of gaining applicable on-the-job training in regard to a specific employer or career path.

It is important to note that a student placement differentiates from internships in that it is paid and can be occupied for a much longer period of time – in fact, for as long as one is a student. Salaries and potential benefits can vary from one employer to the next and from industry to industry. A student post can often lead to a permanent placement within the host organization.

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