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On the verge of your graduation from university, you are about to write either a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis. The thesis is the final project in a particular area before entering into the real job market.

Are you struggling to find an interesting topic and a good thesis statement?

A unique way to approach your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis is in a collaboration with an organisation within your area of studies on a real life problem. Cooperating with a company or a public institution gives you the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained during your studies and put it into practice. The greatest motivation for pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master's degree is personal development, so what is better than completing it with acting as a consultant for a big organisation? You get the chance to work closely with them on the problems they face, thus helping them grow and change.  

How writing your thesis may help you land a job after graduation

Moreover, it is a common practice for employers to use thesis collaborations to scan talented candidates - and maybe even assign the graduates who excel in their thesis a permanent full-time position after submitting it. Collaborating with a company or institution while writing your thesis is also another way to expand your professional network and see what it is like to be in a real working environment. This way, you can find out what might be a potential career path for you and give you insights about the area you want to work in after graduation.

A growing number of companies are looking for motivated and ambitious students to collaborate with. Do you have what it takes? If the answer is yes, then Graduateland is your one-stop shop for finding the perfect match for your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis and start writing it today!

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Kapp, Norway

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