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If you are considering working in the United Kingdom then prepare yourself for a wealth of job opportunities. Although the UK job market was hit hard by the financial crisis, it has recovered significantly in the past few years and individuals with strong language skills are in high demand, employers are hungry for people who have mastered English as well as their own native language to a high level.

The service sector is the main force of the British economy, and there are many fields looking for international talent such as insurance, finance, engineering and ICT. The UK is a relatively good environment for start ups, but new businesses have to compete with large and well established multinationals so you could find yourself working for a brand new company with a laid back working environment or an international giant with a very formal working culture.

There is a large variation in the dominant field from region to region and from city to city. London is the go-to location for anyone wanting to work in finance, insurance or banking, but don’t restrict your job search just to the nation’s capital - Leeds and Edinburgh are also important financial hubs. Many international companies have their headquarters in Manchester so if you are looking to start your career in PR or marketing, it’s the perfect location.  Alternatively, if you’re interesting in working in a creative role try Brighton or Bristol, they’re both lively cities teeming with innovative and unconventional businesses. And for anyone looking to work in engineering Scotland is the place to go; the government is investing heavily in its energy infrastructure.

You can expect working conditions in the UK to be highly regulated and generally very good, however competition for jobs and promotions is fierce. You’ll need to go the extra mile and put in some overtime if you want to succeed. This might include joining your colleagues in an important part of British working culture - a few drinks in the local pub on Friday evenings!

Salary levels change from employer to employer and the cost of living varies widely. Housing costs are likely to take up the majority of your salary in London, but less than half in the north of England. Regardless of where you choose to live you’ll have the chance to experience the UK's rich cultural life. Large scale immigration over the last 100 years has made British cities thriving multicultural environments where you can sample food, music, art and lifestyles from all over the world.

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