Paris and Copenhagen, September 20, 2022

Graduateland merges with JobTeaser


The Danish career portal for students and graduates, Graduateland, merges with French JobTeaser, which offers a similar service. The new entity becomes the European market leader.


Graduateland’s 45 employees in Copenhagen make up the Nordic headquarters of the merged company, which in total has more than 400 employees servicing 5 million users, thousands of companies, and several hundred partner universities across Europe. 

The merger means that a much larger talent pool will be available for the companies looking for students and graduates, while students get far better opportunities for pursuing international careers.


Patrick Lund, CEO, and co-founder of Graduateland says:

“We have found the perfect match with JobTeaser, with whom we have had an ongoing talk since 2016. Together we now become the de facto market leader in Europe, and our technology for virtual career fairs is far ahead of what else is on the market” says Patrick Lund. He will continue as director of the Nordic unit of the merged company.

Graduateland’s Virtual Career Fairs, VCF, got a big breakthrough during the Covid-19 shutdown, where online was the only option for companies and students to meet. After the reopenings, VCF remains very popular, despite the physical events having fully returned. 


Adrien Ledoux, CEO of JobTeaser says:

“Graduateland is a fantastic match with JobTeaser, both in terms of the company’s culture and the vision, which they have sublimely executed in the Nordics. We look forward to taking the unique solutions which Graduateland has developed to a huge market and in that way create the best opportunities for talent to find jobs across all of Europe.”

The two companies have until now not overlapped in partner universities, and therefore the new company will offer a very wide network. Together, this covers Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, and of course France, where JobTeaser is headquartered in Paris.


About Graduateland

Graduateland was founded in 2010 and has 45 employees with the majority based in Copenhagen. The company operates career portals in partnership with all Danish universities and several international universities. Graduateland has 1.2 million users from more than 5.000 universities, including 20 exclusive partner universities in the Nordics.

More than 50.000 recruiters from thousands of companies and organisations use the platform.

Founded in 2010 by Patrick Lund and four co-founders.


About JobTeaser

JobTeaser was founded in 2008, is headquartered in Paris, and has more than 350 employees in multiple locations across Europe. Active in 25 countries, the company has 700 partner universities and 4 million users. 

Together with Graduateland, they are market leaders in Europe


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