Aarhus University factsheet

Which students profiles can you find at Aarhus University?

As the biggest university in Denmark by number of students, Aarhus graduates come from a variety of fields and disciplines. The university’s biggest faculty is the School of Business and Social Sciences (Aarhus BSS), where over 13.500 of the more than 42.000 students are enrolled. The BSS is followed in size by the Faculty of Arts (ca. 11.000 students), the Faculty of Science and Engineering (ca. 7000 students) as well as the Health Faculty (ca. 4500 students).

Of the over 200 degree programmes, which the university offers at Bachelor and Master level, about half are taught in English. This makes Aarhus graduates interesting to Danish companies as well as international employers: According the universities own employment survey more than 95% of the graduates find a job within 12 months after graduation.

Beyond that, Aarhus University is an internationally recognised research institution. It is one of the European universities that regularly scores positions among the top 100 in reputable university rankings comparing as many as 17.000 universities across the globe.   

A brief history of Aarhus University

Originally founded in 1928 as private university under the name of “University studies in Jutland”, the institution began with total number of 64 students. The original faculties were established subsequently established between 1933 and 1954. However, but the faculty organisation as it is today was only into place in 2011, preceded by a series of mergers. The name Aarhus University has been officially in use since the 1930’s, since 1970 the university is public.

Recruiting from Aarhus University via Graduateland  

If you are looking to recruit students and graduates from Aarhus University, you can choose to post your job ad specifically on their job portal, the AU Job- og Projektbank.

Aarhus University Job Post Flow

You can select the portal when you post a job on the network (as shown in the screenshot above). You will also be able to see how many registered candidates at Aarhus University match your previously defined requirements for the job.

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