Edgewell Personal Care

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We are a global team of 6,000 visionaries, doers, and makers. Our portfolio of over 25 brands includes Schick®, Wilkinson Sword®, Edge®, Skintimate®, Playtex®, Stayfree®, Carefree®, o.b.®, Banana Boat®, Hawaiian Tropic®, Bulldog®, Jack Black®, and Wet Ones®. These brands touch the lives of our consumers in more than 50 countries. Together, we re-imagine good mornings and endless summers, beauty, confidence and determination. Edgewell is passionate about making the little moments leading up to the big memories just a little bit easier. Simply, we aim to make the products that families rely on more inspired, more personal, and more trustworthy—so they can devote that much more energy to the people they care about most. We make useful things joyful. At Edgewell, we believe that everyone, from shareholder to consumer, benefits when we nurture passion, encourage curiosity, and inspire experimentation in our work. That’s why we not only encourage our colleagues to take on new projects, roles, and responsibilities but also promote professional growth through training and development. This principle of partnership guides every decision we make, every interaction we have, and every product we create. We strive to attract, motivate, and retain the best talent and maintain a best-in-class work culture—a nimble organization guided by values that fosters innovation. And we’re passionate about making that commitment real, whether through our inspiring workspaces or in our competitive benefits. We put your passion to work.


Make useful things joyful – this is our purpose, our north star that guides all we do. We infuse joy into our daily interactions, and we create products that are functional and joyful for our consumers.

Our values are foundational to our purpose and govern our collaborations with our colleagues, our partnerships with our customers, and our connection to our consumers. As we innovate for the future, these values are the beacon that keep us on course. They aren’t just words on a page, we live them. They define our expectations—of our products, our company, and ourselves.

Our secret is people. Whether with our team or in our communities more broadly, we make every encounter an opportunity to practice empathy, show authenticity, and deepen relationships. Our accomplishments come from our people, so we find joy in celebrating each other whenever we can. We care for our people and communities, so we invest in them.

Move Forward
We think proactively, continually setting bold and aggressive goals both individually and as a team. Because we are not afraid to take smart risks and move forward quickly, failure is sometimes inevitable. That’s OK; we learn from our mistakes and boldly move forward to continue to pursue innovative ideas. We recognize our past successes and failures and take pride in our resiliency.

Listen up and Speak up
We create an environment where good ideas can thrive, so our business does too. We share honest, compassionate feedback and helpful insights in service of moving forward. Even when something is hard to hear, we aren’t afraid to listen to the people around us and remain open to change. We welcome new voices and actively seek out divergent opinions. We listen deeply, speak directly, and create an environment that’s open to difference.

Own it Together
We bring big ideas to life by balancing individual ownership with teamwork and collaboration. At every level, we take initiative without needing a nudge. We take joy in collaborating, because we know teamwork leads to great things, but we’re always personally accountable ourselves. We delegate and empower our teams to lead, and finish strong, so that our innovative ideas can become a new reality.


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We are Edgewell. A growing family of innovators, doers and makers all united in the goal of working together to create outstanding personal care products and trusted brands for our consumers around the world. We take care to cultivate a diverse and nurturing culture where good ideas thrive and individuality is recognized. We invest in our People and find delight in the celebration of team and individual successes. We’re mindful about everything we create and serious about caring for our people, planet and everyone who shares it.

At Edgewell, we make useful things joyful. Join us!