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Halmstad University is a medium sized university with some 10.000 students. It is a young university of great multiplicity, where many fields of study are offered to students of all interests. Every year several hundred students from around the world apply for studies here, exchange students as well as free movers.

Halmstad University is a university which crosses boundaries - for the development of organisations, products and quality of life. The University offers some 50 degree courses and 500 single subject courses in numerous subject areas. The University undertakes outstanding research in which many areas attain international levels of quality.
The University is characterised by a continuous process of development with the production of new courses, degree programmes, research initiatives and a steadily growing campus area. Large numbers of exchange students imbue the University with an international character.

Halmstad University is comprised of five schools:

  • School of Business and Engineering
  • School of Social and Health Sciences
  • School of Humanities
  • School of Information Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering
  • School of Teacher Education
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